Scenic pathway along the lush banks of mighty but calm and cool and drift less lake is its own inspiration. Foggy veil and chilly breeze in the winter mornings, sunny southern fresh air all the summer round and tranquility in all evenings will renew your passions. This truly unique atmosphere is made for new beginnings of your next chapter….


If the water is your thing-this is the best place to search for your next water front homes. Integration of our pledge, your penchant and the welcoming surroundings of the buildings will become your supreme living place and our referral edifice. Keeping that in mind we are introducing affluent reception lobby to provide you impression of real openness equipped with even natural looking water body, enough security measures including biometric access control to guard you form unwanted troubles, uninterrupted power supply to protect you from disturbance while in dwell, centralized water purification system to ensure safe drinking for you & rest of your family members, home automation system to give real luxury, water pool for aesthetic rhythm, and most modern customized features amenities and what not. This is very necessary to mention, your child needs fresh air for living which you will get here with green lavish play ground with modern equipments. All these are here for sound sleeps, endless endeavor. Also that you are going to have easy reach of different offices, institutes, banks, shops and café.