Under the corporate philosophy of, “To create new value and inspiration in all aspects of real estate”, the GME Group works to contribute to society and increase the Group’s corporate value by developing real estate and restoring its value with a view of 10 to 20 years in the future with a constant commitment to “quality construction”.

In the recent operating environment, characterized by rapid change, the GME Group has formulated a new medium-term management plan. This plan’s aim over the next five years is to strengthen its business base and build a foundation to grow further for future opportunities. To achieve these aims, we are committed to implement measures in ways of promoting various development and revitalization projects that meet customers’ needs, as well as enhance our revenue base including our fund and property management businesses.
While doing so, we work together to implement measures to penetrate and execute the corporate philosophy, and to become a group of seasoned professionals.
Considering the changes surrounding the global environment, we take the responsibility as a real-estate company extremely seriously. Therefore, we set environmental initiatives as the “GME Declaration”. Through various corporate activities, GME enhances its environmental initiatives that lead to the reduction of the burden on the environment.

As time goes by, needs for real estate have become diversified. Reflections Holdings Ltd. works to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high-value-added-product and service by fully capitalizing on the strength and synergy of the Group’s businesses. We push forward our business to establish a reliable corporate brand so that the Group can maintain a familiar and indispensable presence in residential and work environments.


We look forward to your continuing support.


Farhana Monem


As the Managing Director of Reflections Holdings Ltd, it is my responsibility to ensure that we fulfill our corporate vision and repay the trust and investment of our customers. Our company has strong values and a culture of high achievement and standards that enables us to build sustained relationships with all our honorable customers and landowners.

We were the first growing real estate company in Bangladesh and we are now very much spot on.

This is a position we are determined to retain by focusing on quality, best practice standards and total commitment to customer service.

It is an exciting time as we ride the wave of rapid market growth in Bangladesh and we are well-equipped to meet all the challenges.

Dr. Chowdhury Hasan Mahmud
Managing Director

The last few years have been very significant and exciting time for Reflections Holdings Ltd. A divers and fast growing company offering successful projects that delivers value to our customers.


GME group was established in 1966. Reflections Holdings Ltd. as a member of GME Group of company has been successfully operating in Bangladesh, since its inception we have experienced the development and outstanding growth in the real-estate sector of Bangladesh. Our rapid expansion plan, our commitment to our Valuable customers and our dedication to continuously provide premium service has consolidated our position as the leaders in Bangladesh Real Estate Market.


We have deep roots in local markets, from industrial, commercial and office space to residential. Our creativity, capital resources and disciplined risk management have helped us to achieve our goals. We continue to focus all our efforts on our customers. Truly understanding their needs and acting on them, balancing the highest level of satisfaction consistent with maximizing returns.


We are a company built on the expertise and commitment of our people. I am impressed by their dedication to work together to provide solution and deliver commitments on time, and as proud as we are of our record of accomplishment, we’re prouder still of relationships we enjoy with our clients. Joint success is our goal. Whether you’re a longstanding client, or looking at Reflections Holdings for the first time. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and remain singularly committed to exceeding your expectations.


We therefore urge you to call us to discover how we can satisfy your particular real estate needs.


Mohammad Wahid-Uz-Zaman Khan.

Chief  Executive officer.